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M-Dinar Spot Price

 For the current spot price please refer to the Please note that spot price as shown in is automatically updated at 06.30, 12.30, 18.30, and 00.30 GMT+7 respectively, however the above price is only valid for the mentioned date.  

GDJ Price

Our price (GDJ Price) formula =  M-Dinar Spot Price + Additional Cost

Additional cost:

1. For Gold Coin (physical) :

  • Additional cost=1500 Yen/Dinar

2. For M-Dinar (electronic account) :

  • If the payment in Japanese currency (YEN), additional cost= 1000 Yen/Dinar
  • If the payment in Indonesian currency (Rupiah), additional cost is FREE.

See the Additional Cost Table below:

    Dinar Type

    Additional cost

    Gold Dinar Coin (physical)
    1500 Yen/Dinar 
    M-Dinar in YEN’s Payment 1000 Yen/Dinar
    M-Dinar in Rupiah’s Payment Free

    For price inquiries click here. Ask first before buying!!

    Real Time Gold Dinar Price in Rupiah and USD.

    This graph shows real time Dinar price, but not our current price. However, our price is taken from this graph every 6 ours at 6.30, 12.30, 18.30 and 00.30 GMT+7 respectively.

    Green color means gold Dinar price in USD (US$), and Orange color means gold Dinar price in Indonesian Rupiah (Rp).

    CAUTION/DISCLAIMER: Use it with your own responsibility and for prediction only, NOT for transaction with us! For inquiry our current price,?click here.

    Previous Gold Dinar Price comparison in Rupiah

    Red color means the current price is decrease. Blue color means the current price is increase.

    Last updated: 2011-05-24 11:07 JST.
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    1. aris nugroho permalink
      October 22, 2010 7:38 pm

      I am Indonesian. I worked at PT Kayaba Indonesia, Cibitung, Bekasi.Now I am studying japanese language at Hamamatsu machi. In ILO center Hamamatsu. We want to order 5 pcs dinar coin. Please give us information about payment system & dinar coin’s procedure receiving. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

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