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What is Dinar ?

The modern Islamic gold dinar (sometimes referred as Islamic dinar or Gold dinar) is a bullion gold coin made from 4.25 grams of 22-carat (k) gold that is a recent revival of the historical gold dinar which was a leading coin of early Islam. It is separate from the currencies of various states that use the dinar as a denomination.

Dinar history

According to Islamic law, the Islamic dinar is a coin of 22k (91.7%) gold weighing 4.25 grams. The Islamic dirham coin is 2.975 grams of pure silver. Umar Ibn al-Khattab established the known standard relationship between them based on their weights: “7 dinars must be equivalent (in weight) to 10 dirhams….read more


What is m-dinar ?

M-Dinar is a payment system based on gold or Gold Dinar Dinar Payment System. M-Dinar is a very strategic method because it will be able to complete the implementation of the use of Dinar in society.

We know that two of the three functions of money (specifically dinar), namely as with the Store of Value and aUnit of Account has become widespread in society, among others through GeraiDinar and its agents. Well, now it comes to the third function as  a Medium of Exchangewhich will be played by the M-Dinar.

Dealing with physical dinar at this time is not practical, because carrying a gold coin is not as easy as with paper money, as well as gold dinar currency has a high nominal value that are not easy to use for shopping especially for small goods….read more


Build The Family Economic Strength With Dinar, But No Hoarding

Looking at this title maybe you are confused, how can we use Dinar or even reserve it but not hoarding? How? What is the limitation? Etc.

Regarding our responsibility to our property, I’ve written it in other article with the topic: “Our Property, Asset or Liability (in the hereafter)”. The point is it is our duty to fulfill the need for ourselves, family, anticipate emergency needs and leave strong children”.

Even Al Quran teaches us how to anticipate an emergency needs in Yusuf 47-48: “He (Yusuf) replied: ‘You will cultivate for seven consecutive years. During these years, you should leave the wheat you reap in the ear, except what may be sufficient for your food. Then, after that period, there will come upon you seven hard years which will eat away all that you had stored except a little which you may have specifically set aside”….read more


Islamic organizations in Japan held a Seminar on Prophet Muhammad in The University of Tokyo

Many believe that Muslims are more easily divided than united. Often, it’s probably right, but it is not always the case. On Sunday, October 18, 2009, the Islamic organizations in Japan joined JMPF (Japan Muslim Peace Federation) to held the second seminar about Prophet Muhammad.

JMPF founded in 2006, when the newspapers in the Danish caricatured fake image of Prophet Muhammad which was offensive to most of Muslims. It’s first move was a peaceful demonstration in front of the Danish embassy in Tokyo. According JMPF coordinator, Dr. Imran Al-Haq, there were twenty organizations joint following the peace rally. Afterwards, JMPF realized that they needs unusual movement to promote a peaceful Islam, greatness of Prophet Muhammad’s personality and beauty of Islamic teaching. Given the character of Japanese society is rational, many parties in JMPF argued that intellectual approach is needed. Japanese society will put his ear to hear if that speaks an academic caliber, a professor… more


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